Friday, September 18, 2009

Bug Crazy

Ready for his closeup

New and Improved Dragon Fly

These unbelievable photos are from Brett Olivers Flickr Photostream and his photo Collection website. Brett is a self taught photographer who has many interests. His lives in Surrey England and has an incredible way of capturing all the beauty of town and country.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cicada at Forsythe NWR

cicada at Forsythe NWR, originally uploaded by bsouthj.

This is from Barry's Flickr Photostream. I don't think I've actually seen what one of these noisy critters looks like. WOW he's amazing!

Monarch at Boundary Creek

Monarch at Boundary Creek, originally uploaded by bsouthj.

From Barrys amazing Flickr Photostream. Love It!

Yellow sulphur

Yellow sulphur, originally uploaded by bsouthj.

This amazing yellow moth(?) is gorgeous. It is from Barry's Flickr Photostream, which is amazing in itself!